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Medical Dermatology in Southampton, PA


Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists provide Academic-level care in the diagnosis and management of all medical conditions of the skin. We are considered national experts in total body skin examination for the early diagnosis and management of skin cancer/skin lesions.

We can help with the diagnosis and management of rashes and uncertain skin conditions from Acne to Zoonotic fungal infections. We treat medical conditions with topical and systemic medications, as well as phototherapy.

We take pride in having a broad armamentarium and incorporate the patient’s needs, safety, and cost into all our decision-making to devise the most effective treatment plan. We communicate regularly with primary care physicians and other medical specialists to provide a comprehensive approach for your healthcare.

Eczema, Psoriasis, Difficult Rashes? We can help!

Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists have extensive experience diagnosing and treating all skin conditions. 

Medical Conditions we treat

…and more. If it’s on your skin, we specialize in it.

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The Best Medical Dermatology Services in Southampton, PA

If you find yourself needing the best medical dermatology services in Bucks County, PA and Southampton, then you need to come to us. At Penn Dermatology Specialists, we have several services to ensure your skin is healthy and looks great. Here’s what you need to know about our medical dermatology services.

Rely on Our Services

When you need something like a rash treatment in Southampton, PA, then you need to make sure that you receive the best possible service. Our dermatologist and dermatology providers can offer phototherapy in Southampton to alleviate some of your skin conditions. Other medical dermatology treatments we can provide are:

We understand that some of these conditions can impact the way you live. You may feel embarrassed about how your skin looks and avoid in-person contact. It may be itchy or provide a burning sensation. We’ll provide you with relief.

medical dermatology services southampton pa

Medical Treatments Offered in Southampton, PA

Topical Treatments

Creams, ointments, foams, lotions, and potions. We'll come up with a way to address your needs with a safe and effective topical medication.

Oral and Systemic Treatments

Numerous oral and injectable medications exist to address a wide variety of dermatologic needs. We prescribe and administer oral and injectable medications right in the office. Our nurses can help walk you through delivering your medication and will assist to answer any questions along your journey.

Light-Based treatments

We treat a wide array of skin conditions from depigmentation, psoriasis, itch, acne, and actinic keratosis with in-office and at-home light based therapies including NBUVB (phototherapy), Excimer laser, and Photodynamic Therapy.

Clinical Trials Participation

 Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists participates in clinical trials to expand access to care for our patients who choose it, as well as to help strengthen the medical literature. We will notify you in the office if there are any ongoing trials for your condition.