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Total Body Skin Examination


Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists are considered national experts in total
body skin examination for the early diagnosis and management of skin cancer/skin lesions. With extensive training in dermoscopy, the use of a special handheld skin analysis device, we are able to diagnose skin cancers at the very earliest stage possible, resulting in better outcomes for our patients.

Diagnosing skin cancer at its earliest stage allows for simpler treatments and shorter recovery times. Using dermoscopy also increases accuracy of a dermatologist’s biopsy, leading to less unnecessary procedures and an overall higher level of care. Dr.Bronfenbrener has extensively taught dermoscopy to  dermatologists at the University of Pennsylvania as well as to trainees and practicing physicians during lectureships. 

Skin examinations with dermoscopy are considered essential for the early detection and management of skin cancer. For example, catching a Basal Cell Carcinoma at an early stage allows for a simpler treatment with less aftercare. Finding a Squamous Cell Carcinoma or Melanoma early can be life saving. If you’re worried about a spot on your skin or would like to schedule a skin examination call 215-999-SKIN (7546) or schedule above!

Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists have extensive experience in the use of dermoscopy.

Dermoscopy: Looking Past the Surface

Basal Cell Carcinoma

Skin Examination Skin Examination
Skin Examination Skin Examination


Skin Examination Skin Examination
Mole Skin Examination Skin Examination

Squamous Cell Carcinoma

Forearm Skin Examination Skin Examination
Scalp Skin Examination Skin Examination

Total Body Photography featuring SkinIO

Mole monitoring with AI and Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists

A: Total body photography is a way of photographing a person to make sure that most or all of their skin is captured in a consistent and reproducible manner. It is a procedure recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to be effective in monitoring moles and skin lesions over time. Total body photography starts with a set of 13 photos of the front, back, left and right of your head, torso and legs. It may also involve photographing your feet and hands. You will need to be unclothed (to the extent you feel comfortable) for the regions you wish to have photographed.

Most of the time yes! If a patient has a personal or family history of skin cancer, atypical moles, frequent biopsies, or numerous lesions to track, insurance will consider it medically necessary. 

A: SkinIO is a simple process that starts with having total body photography performed by a trained nurse or medical assistant in minutes. The photos are then processed and analyzed using SkinIO’s algorithms to look specifically for moles and lesions on your skin. These photos can be used by your doctor during your skin exam and you will have secure access to these photos at any time to use as you monitor your skin on your own. These photos can be combined with dermoscopy images for even more precise tracking

A: Yes! While total body photography provides the most comprehensive screening of your skin, your comfort is our top priority and it is ultimately up to you to decide which parts of your skin you would like photographed. You should discuss your options with your doctor or medical team as separate fees may apply.

A: It takes about 5 minutes to have your photos taken with SkinIO. Once your photos are taken, they will be encrypted, securely processed, and available for your doctor to use during your skin exam or for you to use as you check your skin on your own. By creating your visual skin health record, you will have confidence in next steps and monitoring your skin moving forward.

A: No. SkinIO is not by itself diagnostic; it helps to detect new or changing lesions which are then further analyzed by the specialist. It can also be used to help the patient discover if a lesion is actually new, or if it was present in the past.

A: No. SkinIO does not sell or share any information with any third-party companies.

A: Your photos will only be seen by the nurse or medical assistant who is photographing you, your specialist, and you. You can securely view your photos at any time through the SkinIO iOS app or web portal. 

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Photo-taking Poses

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Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists looks forward to serving your needs! Whether you have a personal history of skin cancer or excess sun exposure, a family history of skin cancer, or just want to establish a baseline, Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists can provide you with a complete skin examination that will exceed your expectations. We also evaluate individual lesions of concern (new, changing, painful, bleeding, etc.) and offer same day treatment for many bothersome growths. Click the link above to schedule online or call 215-999-SKIN (7546) today!