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Dermatologist and Dermatology Providers in Philadelphia

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Top Rated Dermatology Specialists in Philadelphia

Keeping your skin healthy and clear is vital to your overall health. Your skin is actually classified as an organ. As such, it plays an important role in your body. Your skin is your first line of defense in keeping toxins and germs from entering your body. Because it’s exposed to everything, your skin takes a lot of abuse. You must do everything you can to make sure your skin stays healthy. Part of your routine should be regularly visiting our specialists at Penn Dermatology Specialists. We specialize in providing surgical dermatology and cosmetic dermatology services to our patients in the Philadelphia area. Here’s everything you need to know about our dermatology services.

Why You Should Visit a Dermatology Clinic in Philadelphia

Because of the integral role that your skin plays for your health, you must keep your skin healthy. There are a few methods that you can do at home. When you got outside during the summer, you should always wear sun protection. Regularly moisturizing can also help keep your skin healthy and young-looking. Eating the right kind of foods can also make your skin healthy. In particular, you’ll want to consume vegetables and fruits that are rich in Vitamin A, C, and B vitamins. All of these play an important role in producing collagen and promoting skin health.

Finally, you should also regularly see our top doctors. Visiting our dermatology specialists in Northeast Philly can be beneficial. Some of the benefits that you can receive are:

  • Early skin cancer detection
  • Acne treatment
  • Scar treatment
  • Wart treatment
  • Younger-looking skin
  • Improved self-esteem
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Contact the Best Surgery Today

Whether you need phototherapy, Mohs surgery, or other treatments for your rash treatments or cancer, we’re ready to help. Call us today for the best services for your skin.

Expert Cosmetic & Surgical Dermatologist and Dermatology Providers in Philadelphia

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Visit Us To Make Your Skin Look Younger and Brighter with Our Cosmetic Dermatology Services in Philadelphia

Our Dermatologist and Dermatology Providers can offer different procedures to take care of different problems that you’re facing. We have top rated pediatric doctors and adult dermatology providers that can handle anything from hair loss to rash treatments.

If you’ve been experiencing hair loss, then you can benefit from visiting our best dermatologist and dermatology providers in Northeast Philly. For many men and women, nothing is more distressing than to realize you’re losing hair. Hair loss can make you look older than you are. Luckily, our dermatology providers can help you with your hair loss problems. We offer several techniques to help grow your hair back.

Another problem we often deal with is vitiligo and psoriasis. Both of these conditions can be troublesome for our patients. Those who suffer from vitiligo and psoriasis may never want to leave the home or show off their skin. Our dermatologist and dermatology providers can help you soothe your vitiligo and psoriasis. You’ll never have to worry about hiding your skin again. One procedure we may use to help your vitiligo and psoriasis is phototherapy. This utilizes light to correct the problem areas.

Our top pediatric specialists can also help you with acne care. We know how troublesome acne can be. If you’re tired of having blemishes on your face, then you should visit us in Philadelphia for acne care. Because acne can be caused by various factors, we’ll work closely with you to create an acne care plan that is tailored to your case. We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all procedures.

Those who suffered from acne and now bear its scars can also find relief with us. We offer acne scar treatments. Acne scars in Philadelphia can be as troublesome and unsightly as rosacea. You may hate showing your face in a certain light because of how deep your acne scars go. We can help you. Using different techniques, we can even out your scars with our acne scar removal treatments. You’ll love how your skin looks after we’re done with our acne scar removal treatment.

Another important cosmetic dermatology service we provide is wart removal. Similar to having rosacea, you may feel like everyone is only staring at the problem area. This can cause you a lot of distress and embarrassment. We can help. We have wart removal treatments that are minimally invasive. Whether it’s phototherapy, Mohs surgery, or another treatment, our techniques are successful.

Similar to warts, our cosmetic dermatology in the Philadelphia area also handles mole removal. If you have a patch of skin that you hate, then we can help you remove it. Our mole removal is also minimally invasive. You’ll be able to recover quickly and return home faster than ever. Our top-rated mole removal can help you love your skin again.

Whether you have rosacea or rash treatments, you can count on us for the best service and results.

Rely on Our Best Surgical Dermatology like Mohs Surgery in Philadelphia

We offer several surgical dermatology services. Some of them include:

  • Melanoma excision
  • Skin cancer diagnosis and treatment
  • Other excision treatments

Skin cancer and melanoma should not be taken lightly. While rosacea and rash treatments may only need phototherapy, skin cancer and melanoma require something more serious. Our top specialists can help you diagnose the growths or lumps in your skin. From there, we’ll use Mohs surgery or another treatment to help remove the cancerous growth.

Our surgical dermatology is the best in the area because we have the experience, dedication, and compassion you need.

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