SkinIO Total Body Photography Everything You Need To Know

Since your skin is the largest organ in your body, it is essential that you take care of it and have your concerns checked out. When you visit the dermatologist, you might be surprised by the different services they offer and the technology that is available to help them evaluate your skin conditions. One of the more popular services found in many dermatologist offices today is total body photography which takes pictures of your skin over your entire body so that it can be assessed accurately.

What is Total Body Photography?

During this process, all of your skin goes through an examination, and each mole, skin tag, and other lesion is documented. After being documented, your body is pictured so that there is proof for the dermatologist to review and assess.

Benefits of Having Your Body Photographed

If you are having reservations about having your body photographed, keep in mind that there are several benefits that come from this process, and could be essential to your overall health.

  • Early skin cancer detection
  • Mark changes between appointments
  • Have an accurate point of reference

Being able to detect skin cancer early is a concern that many patients have when they visit the dermatologist. Being able to capture it in its early stages allows dermatologists to treat it before it spreads and becomes more severe. The images that are generated during total body photography give your team the information they need to further investigate these markings and make assessments.

Being able to identify changes between appointments will build a point of reference for your dermatologist and maintain a steady medical history of your skin. This isn’t any different from visiting your primary care physician and undergoing routine lab work to establish a medical history.

Growing Popularity of Total Body Photography

Because this process has been so successful in identifying spots of potential skin cancer in patients early on, it has become a growing service offered by many dermatologists in Pennsylvania and across the country. It also helps that this is an easy process, taking less than 15 minutes and the images are stored securely.

Are You in Need of Dermatology Services?

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