5 Non-Invasive Treatments for Dark Spots

Those stubborn dark spots caused by sun damage, aging, and certain skin conditions are often treatable and can be safely managed without the need for invasive procedures. With a focus on personalized care and proven solutions that get to the root of dark spots, our dermatologists offer a variety of treatments that promote healthier skin from within. Whether you are concerned about the formation of a new dark spot, or you’re simply hoping to improve the appearance of your skin, here are 5 of the effective solutions we provide. 

1. Microneedling is Safe & Effective

Among our most popular procedures, microneedling promotes healthier skin and can revitalize normal pigmentation. With the Eclipse MicroPen Evo and topical anesthetics to minimize discomfort, 14 microneedles are used to create tiny channels across the surface of the skin. This simple process stimulates the formation of new collagen, elastin, and improves blood flow to the targeted area. Since the treatment is very superficial, there is minimal risk of scarring, recovery is quick, and long-term benefits like normalized skin tone, color, and texture can be achieved in as few as 3 treatments. 

2. The Power of Phototherapy

If your dark spots are caused by conditions like psoriasis, vitiligo, or other skin conditions, another great treatment option utilizes the power of medical-grade UV light to clear a variety of symptoms. Unlike other forms of UV exposure, our narrow-band UV units do not increase the risk of developing skin cancer. The treatment is completely painless, and with our immersive phototherapy units, we can safely reduce dark spots on any area of the body. 

3. Safer Dermatology Medications

If you suffer from allergies, eczema, and other conditions that cause dark spots or rashes, our dermatologists specialize in the diagnosis and may prescribe a medication to address the issue. Our dermatologists will help you determine which factors are causing the flare-ups, and if medication is the best option, we provide our clients with a variety of safe and approved dark spot and rash treatments in Southampton, PA.

4. Advanced Laser Treatment

Another versatile treatment solution we provide utilizes the latest in laser technology to treat both deep lesions and superficial skin concerns. Ideal for redness, rosacea, and acne scar removal in Bucks County, our gentle and effective Excel V Laser treatments get to the source of stubborn skin conditions with results that speak for themselves. The process only takes about 10-15 minutes, the procedure is very tolerable, and it only requires a few visits to achieve most skin improvement goals. 

5. Topical Treatments That Support the Skin

In addition to our more advanced treatment solutions, we also offer our clients a variety of skin-safe options like chemical peels and topical ointments. Once our dermatologists have a clear understanding of your skin type and the causes of your dark spots, we’ll tailor a powerful healing plan to you. 

Still not sure which treatment option is best for your dark spots? Contact our friendly dermatologists and learn more about our skin-safe solutions today.

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