CO2 Resurfacing For Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles show up on your face as a result of time, the environment, and genetic factors. Anti-aging products such as creams and serums can reduce their appearance, but they can’t get rid of them permanently. One solution is to undergo what is known as CO2 laser resurfacing treatment which stimulates the body’s natural healing process and reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Read on to learn more about the treatment, what you can expect it to do for you, and how long the results last.

What is CO2 Resurfacing for Wrinkles?

A CO2 laser is a type of laser that uses carbon dioxide as part of its operation. As one of the dermatology services in Montgomery County, PA we offer, it’s designed to narrowly focus on an area of skin for treatment and leave the untreated area undamaged. Laser light can scatter during treatment for various reasons. The CO2 laser is less likely to scatter due to its tightly focused beam, resulting in less skin damage and a faster healing time.

The CO2 laser works by vaporizing the upper layer of your skin, also known as the epidermis, and heats up the underlying dermis. This action creates microscopic damage to the skin, causing the body to react through the production of new skin cells and collagen fibers. The new layer of skin looks fresh and feels supple, and the new collagen fibers fill in the wrinkles that were treated.

The Types of Wrinkles CO2 Resurfacing Treats

A CO2 laser is effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles of all types. It can be used to address wrinkles that are fine to moderate in depth but can’t remove wrinkles that are the result of pleats in the muscle. However, other types of treatments, such as Botox, can be used to eliminate wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. 

Some of the Benefits of CO2 Laser Treatment

As previously mentioned, CO2 laser resurfacing is effective at reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s also effective at evening out discoloration in the skin, repairing sun damage, and minimizing acne scars.

There is a recovery period associated with CO2 laser treatment, and patients do experience redness and swelling for a few days post-treatment. However, the recovery period tends to be brief due to the fact the laser doesn’t penetrate deeply into the skin.

Contact Pennsylvania Dermatology Specialists for More Information About CO2 Resurfacing Today!

You have multiple treatment options when it comes to resolving unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, including fillers, laser treatment, Botox, and more. Consulting with a cosmetic dermatologist in Bucks County, PA enables you to determine a course of treatment that gives you the best results.

Our dermatology service provides a wide variety of proven skin care treatments that are safe and effective. Call us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about the type of skin treatments we offer and which ones are the most appropriate to help you achieve the visual appearance you’re seeking.

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