What To Expect From Filler Injections

Filler injections are safe, non-surgical cosmetic treatments that many choose over the most popular surgeries to reverse common signs of aging. These treatments are quick, require minimal recovery time, and are relatively painless. However, it’s important to understand what to expect from filler injections before you choose to have one.

When You Should Choose Filler Injections

Filler injections work anywhere you’ve lost volume in your skin’s support layers. When you reach your 30s, you start producing less collagen. You’ll start to see this as the plumpness of your cheeks and lips decreases. You’ll also have voids develop in the support matrix below the surface of the skin. This causes the outer layer to crease and fold due to lost moisture and elasticity.

Filler injections can add months of support to your skin where aging shows the most prominent signs. These include deep lines around your brows, eyes, and mouth. However, a filler injection could be the best solution for nearly anywhere your skin lacks support.

Basics of the Injection Procedure

Your filler injection will be administered to the targeted area with an ultra-fine needle. The injector will use their experience in combination with an aesthetic eye to determine several variables, including how much filler to use, the appropriate filler, and the best location to administer the injection to create the desired results. Because of this, it’s essential to do your homework and select a cosmetic dermatologist in Bucks County PA that is highly skilled at administering filler injections.

Following The Treatment

As mentioned, filler injections are performed with fine needles. They are applied to the injection area once it is numb. The product is then built up underneath your skin. These needles are so fine that little bleeding is generally produced. When you leave the office, you’ll likely have no signs of any bleeding. It’s also possible but highly uncommon to experience mild bruising around the injection sites.

 You should not participate in any intense activity for one to two days following treatment. This will reduce the risk of bruising and swelling. Immediately following treatment, you may also experience an overfilled appearance near the injection sites, firm lumps at the injection sites, redness around injection sites, or a slight rash in the injection area. All these symptoms should resolve within a few days. 

You will receive information instructing you on how to proceed through your recovery at the time of your appointment. It will likely include tips on how and when to ice the area. You may also receive instructions specific to your procedure.

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