Dangers Of The Tanning Bed

Using a tanning bed is a popular way to get a tan and increase self-confidence. However, using these beds puts people at risk for a number of dangerous health conditions. It can also cause a number of other problems for the skin and eyes. There are a range of health problems that can pose serious risks to those who use tanning beds. Many people use these beds to develop a base tan because they believe they won’t get a sunburn when they have one. However, getting that base tan is also dangerous, and it won’t prevent burns later.

Cancer Risks

Every visit to a tanning bed increases your chance of developing a number of types of skin cancer. There are two types that are the most common ones, basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma. Both of these types are much more common in those who use tanning beds. Using tanning beds increases the chance of getting squamous cell carcinoma by a whopping 58%. The chance of developing Basal cell carcinoma goes up by 24%. For those who use tanning age before they are 20 years old, they will have a 47% higher risk of developing melanoma. Each use of a tanning bed increases this risk. There are FDA warning labels on all tanning beds today because the risk of skin cancer is so high.

Injuries From Tanning Beds

There are also other medical problems that can arise from the use of tanning beds. Serious injuries are regularly caused by their usage, resulting in many trips to the ER for users. One such injury is to the eyes. The high-powered UV light inside a tanning bed can burn the corneas of the eyes if the right precautions aren’t taken. Tanning bed businesses are supposed to give users goggles to prevent this, but they don’t always fit properly over the eyes. This can result in painful eyes that are damaged by the light. The light can also cause people to be burned badly enough that they need medical treatment. There are also people who lose consciousness in tanning beds because of the overwhelming heat. 

Aging Skin

The more UV rays a person gets on their skin, the faster that skin will age. The health of skin contributes to the age it looks, and skin that’s been burned or tanned tends to look older faster. It ages the skin and causes more wrinkles that appear earlier. It can also cause tanning bed users to lose firmness in their skin and to get age spots. A person who gets a tan can also get skin that looks leathery and hard. One of the best things that you can do for your skin is to avoid tanning beds.

Seeing a Dermatologist

It’s important to see a dermatologist anytime there may be a serious problem with your skin. Getting tanned can lead to the development of moles on the skin. You may need to get mole removal in Montgomery County, PA if you’re getting new moles or the ones you have are getting bigger or changing color. These can all be signs of skin cancer. When a mole has irregular edges or gets irritated, these can also be signs that you need to see a Philly dermatologist. Don’t put off your skincare when there may be a problem that can be caught early and treated. Early intervention is crucial, so see a dermatologist as soon as you see a problem. It can make a big difference in your skin’s health as well as your overall health.

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