How We Use Dermoscopy to Inspect Squamous Cell Carcinoma

A confident skin diagnosis is made possible with the latest advances in skin microscopy technology. Using dermatoscopy (a hand-held, lighted magnifying lens), a dermoscopy evaluation provides your skin-care professional with a clear picture of the structures on your skin. This gentle procedure is non-invasive and allows your dermatologist to identify important surface conditions like discolorations, abnormal shapes, and other problematic indications with vivid clarity. 

Dermoscopy has become an essential tool for the professional diagnosis of a range of skin conditions. Compared to the naked eye, dermatoscopy improve diagnosis accuracy by 10-27%. Along with the improved diagnosis, many modern dermatoscopy also provides your dermatologist with detailed imagery for an even deeper level of skin inspection and analysis. 

How Dermoscopy is Used to Identify Problematic Skin Cells

Several skin conditions present very similar when compared to the naked eye. Fortunately, the subtle variations in lesions and patches are easily narrowed down following a thorough dermoscopy evaluation. With a professionally magnified examination, dermatologists can rule out certain conditions, objectively define major disease indicators, and improve treatment outcomes. 

Dermoscopy is particularly helpful when identifying various forms of skin cancer. Certain forms of cancer will have tiny variations that normally go unnoticed. With a dermatoscopy, your dermatologist can identify:

  • Abnormal Shapes & Borders
  • Problematic Striations & Veins 
  • Risky Discolorations 
  • Damaged Skin Cells
  • & Other Difficult to Identify Skin Symptoms…

Benefits of Dermoscopy Compared to Other Evaluation Methods

With a detailed skin evaluation using a dermatoscope, patients benefit in a variety of ways. First of all, invasive analysis techniques like painful skin biopsies can sometimes be avoided. A dermatoscopy evaluation is pain-free, can be performed quickly and easily, and will provide you with a range of detailed insights into your current skin condition. 

All dermoscopy appointments can be performed in the office. No need to stress over lengthy procedures, painful examinations, or days spent in recovery. Thanks to our caring dermatologist’s depth of experience, you can expect a superior level of professional diagnosis without any of the pain or discomfort that’s often associated with other diagnostic procedures.

Following our fast and effective dermatoscopy evaluations, our skilled providers offer a range of versatile treatment solutions. We specialize in personalized service and tailor a healing plan around your specific skin condition. Many of our procedures are just as quick and easy as our dermoscopy evaluations, and provide our patients with faster healing times, effective treatment options, and are 100% committed to preserving and promoting long-term skin health. 

Schedule a Pain-Free Skin Examination Today

Our professional dermoscopy evaluations are one of the best ways to proactively protect your health. If you have any discolored, painful, or patchy areas of skin, get in touch with our skin specialists for compassionate help as soon as possible. Let us know if you would like to meet with dermatologists for skin cancer in Montgomery County, PA, or to discuss proven diagnostics, available treatment options, or would like to schedule a pain-free appointment with our specialists today. 

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