How Can I Help My Vitiligo in Addition to Phototherapy

Progressing towards a uniform skin tone and glowing complexion is a realistic possibility for anyone suffering from vitiligo. Even though vitiligo is caused by unknown factors, proactive skincare habits and other safe skin solutions are proven to reduce the symptoms. If you’re wondering how you can boost your skin’s health and promote faster healing, here are a few ideas to make the most of your treatment with simple and effective daily changes. 

Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Avoid tanning and other long-term sun exposure if you can. Since the areas affected by vitiligo are lacking in protective pigmentation, excess sun exposure damages these lighter sections of skin faster. Along with protecting the affected areas of skin, avoiding excess sun exposure prevents other areas of skin that have normal pigmentation from darkening and making the vitiligo more noticeable. Sun-protective clothing, sunscreens with SPF 30 or higher, and accessories like hats and umbrellas will do the trick. 

Consider Camouflage Therapy

As the name implies, there are several tricks you can use to camouflage areas of skin affected by vitiligo. This includes using sunscreen to prevent skin darkening around the affected areas, the use of coverup makeups to create a uniform tone, and hair dyes if the vitiligo affects the hair as well. 

Gently Clean & Nourish Your Skin

Toxin-free cleaning products, gentle cleansing routines, and skin-healthy vitamins like Vitamin E and D are important steps in promoting natural skin wellness. Instead of harsh face or skin scrubs filled with artificial ingredients, you can use gentle cleansing practices like facial steaming, green tea, or natural soaps, and lightly wash the affected areas to support the healing process and prevent new symptoms from developing.  

Eat Healthy & Exercise Regularly

Since the causes of vitiligo are unknown, doing everything you can to support your overall well-being is never a bad idea. With a nutrient-dense diet backed by regular exercise, your skin will benefit from a boosted immune system, increased blood flow to the skin cells, and a natural glow that comes with a healthier body. 

Speak with a Licensed Skin Care Professional 

While many natural treatments and risk reduction strategies go a long way in managing the symptoms of vitiligo, our dermatologist for vitiligo in Bucks County has a variety of cost-effective treatment solutions designed to help you progress through the healing process in less time. Every case of vitiligo requires a personalized approach to therapy, and at Penn Derm, we specialize in creating treatment plans with your long-term healing goals in mind. 

If you would like to learn more about our proven skin therapy treatments, get in touch with our dermatologist in the Doylestown, PA area to discover a healthier path forward. We only use treatments that are gentle, safe, and proven to help clients overcome a range of complex skin issues. 

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