Making a Melanoma Treatment Plan With Your Dermatologist

After discovering that your irritated skin is melanoma, feeling anxious, nervous, or worried about the future is completely normal. We know how stressful that news can be, and when you partner with our dermatologist for skin cancer in Bucks County, you’ll discover a deeper level of care and a commitment to solving your problem with proven solutions.

Treating you with compassion, evidence-based procedures, and healing your skin with long-term risk reduction is our promise to you. By utilizing the latest advancements in dermatology for improved outcomes and lower rates of recurrence, we effectively target problematic cells while simultaneously preventing damage to the healthy skin nearby.

The First Phases of Melanoma Diagnosis

The key to our effective melanoma treatments begins with excellent diagnostics and laboratory analysis. During our comprehensive skin evaluations, we establish a clear picture of your skin’s underlying structures and identify exactly where the problem cells are. Using numbing creams and anesthetic medications for a virtually pain-free process, we then acquire small skin samples to verify a detailed skin analysis.

Once we have prepared a detailed diagnosis for your skin, we will help you compare the best treatment options available to you. Whichever treatment option we agree upon, you can expect our knowledgeable team to clearly explain the diagnosis and provide you with the resources you need to make a confident treatment decision.

We Help You Compare the Best Treatments

Before moving forward with the best treatment options, we organize a detailed plan of action specific to your case. Our thorough evaluation techniques result in highly specific treatments while enabling our dermatologists to minimize damage to the surrounding tissue.

For superficial or minimal thickness melanomas, surgical removal of the growth and a small margin of surrounding tissue is our primary treatment option. Our highly advanced techniques, such as MOHS surgical intervention, target the problematic cells with an unparalleled level of precision. Our number one goal is to preserve your skin’s health and minimize scarring, and thanks to our microscopic margin control, you can expect our careful removals to result in less noticeable scarring and a shorter recovery process. 

Get In Touch To Learn More

We understand that every melanoma treatment in Southampton, PA requires a personalized approach to care. When you trust in our experienced dermatologists to improve your outcomes, you can expect compassionate dedication from your first visit to the very last follow-up appointment. Your recovery is our number one priority; please get in touch with our caring dermatologists to learn more about our effective melanoma treatments today. 

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