Reasons to Consider Checking Your Skin Before the Summer

Before the Summer sunshine kicks into full gear, a quick trip to our dermatologist for a pre-tan checkup is always a good idea. Why this time of year? Well, because your skin is still lighter, any obvious issues will be more noticeable. If our dermatologist detects any questionable spots or new damage, you’ll know which areas to protect and can keep an eye on any at-risk areas. 

The best defense in dermatology begins with early detection. Especially valuable if you’ve never visited a dermatologist before, you’ll learn about the most common skin health warning signs and symptoms. Our top dermatologist in the Philadelphia area will help you determine your skin’s baseline health while providing you with the skin-specific insight you need to keep your skin safe and healthy on the hottest of Summer days. 

What Do Our Dermatologists Look for? 

Since skin cancers and other skin conditions arise from genetic, environmental, and age-related factors, it can be tricky to determine if a visible change is a skin problem or just a normal occurrence. During a thorough skin investigation, a big-picture evaluation is performed with consideration for family risk factors, the amount of sun exposure, and other health factors that may be behind your questionable skin changes. 

Fortunately, most visible skin changes like freckles and normal age spots are not a cause for concern. If they are, most forms of skin cancer and other skin conditions are easier to treat when detected early on. In general, any time you feel any skin discomfort or notice a questionable new spot, don’t wait to schedule preventative dermatology services in Montgomery County, PA before a minor problem has the chance to progress. 

Look for These Common Melanoma Warning Signs

Known as the ABCDEs of early melanoma detection, here are 5 common skin appearances that our dermatologist will investigate for you: 

  • Asymmetrical Spots: Any new sun or dark spot that has an awkward shape
  • Borders Are Uneven: Look for bumpy ridges or uneven sections along the edges
  • Colors: Dark or varying color patterns 
  • Diameter: Any spot larger than ~6mm in diameter
  • Evolving: Any gradual change in size, shape, or color 

Schedule a Skin Care Evaluation Today

In addition to identifying any noticeable issues, our dermatologists go beyond the superficial aspects of skin health during every thorough session. While evaluating your skin, we provide a wealth of preventative resources and offer incredible support for every other type of skin concern there is. Our long-term protective strategies go hand-in-hand with proven methods to promote skin rejuvenation, anti-aging, and other evidence-based care that improves your skin’s health from within. 

From minor cosmetic concerns like fine lines and redness to various medical skin concerns, there’s no complex skincare need beyond the scope of our caring dermatologists. We can also help you protect and revitalize your skin. Contact our licensed providers today for a quick and stress-free skincare evaluation before Summer.

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