How to Prepare for a Teledermatology Appointment

The health of your skin is a priority, and thanks to advances in telemedicine, it’s easier than ever to receive the quality health care you deserve from the comfort of home. From new patches of skin that are bothering you, to long-term treatments and health guidance whenever it’s most convenient, taking advantage of telehealth services is one of the best ways to ensure that you’re doing the best that you can to take care of your skin. Before logging on for your visit with the dermatologist, here are some tips to prepare you to make the most of your virtual visit. 

Find a Quiet Space

Whether you’re calling about a rosacea treatment in Southampton, PA, or you need guidance on the latest changes in your health status, designate a space in your home that allows for clear communication with your provider. If you can, schedule the telehealth visit at a time when others are gone and distractions are at a minimum. This time is about you and your skin, and a quiet place to communicate will make it easier for the doctors to assist you. 

Bright Lighting Backed by a Quality Camera

With virtual dermatology appointments, the more the doctor can see you, the better the diagnostics and guidance will be. Many dermatology issues look very similar, so use your best camera, set up a clear background, and ensure that there is ample lighting to help the doctor see the smaller details of your skin. 

While setting up your camera, it’s best to have the light shining directly at you from behind the camera. You want to avoid aiming the camera at windows or interior lights; this will prevent glare and allow your provider to view the skin with a clearer definition.

The space should also be large enough for you to move around and show your doctor the areas of concern from multiple angles. Ideally, you can find a private space that makes the visit as comfortable as possible, while making it easier for the doctor to see everything that they need to. 

Set an Appointment Reminder

The best dermatologist in the Philadelphia area can only help you if you log in on time! Set a calendar alarm on your phone, place a note on the fridge, or ask a family member to remind you about your appointment if you have a habit of missing important events! 

Be sure to wear appropriate attire that makes it easy to expose only the areas you want to expose. Your privacy is a priority for our providers, and we do our best to make every telehealth appointment as comfortable and respectful as possible. You can easily schedule visits regularly, or set up a one-time appointment if you ever have any concerns about your health, want to learn about effective treatment options, or have any other questions about our extensive dermatology diagnostics, treatments, and ongoing care. 

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