Identifying & Treating Cysts With Surgical Dermatology

When the pore of a hair follicle or oil gland becomes clogged, the oils, toxins, and dead skin cells that are normally excreted through the pores gradually build up to form a cyst. With thousands of pores across our bodies, cysts are one of the most common skin conditions out there. A cyst can form at the site of any blocked, damaged, or malfunctioning pore, and without a way of releasing that built-up tension, cysts can grow into noticeable lumps, cause painful irritation, or form unsightly scarring if a cyst is improperly treated. 

Fortunately, most cysts are superficial and easy to identify. Cysts appear as a visible bump along the surface of the skin, or you may feel a lump just beneath the skin. If the cyst “sac” ruptures due to skin trauma or excessive build-up, the area may be swollen, red, or tender to the touch. For deeper or larger cyst formations, a dermatologist may provide further diagnostics like ultrasound to determine the best course of action for treatment, if necessary. 

Cyst Treatment Considerations

If a cyst is not causing discomfort due to inflammation or causing a physical deformity, most cysts do not require treatment. But, if the cyst is unsightly, causing discomfort, or continues to interfere with daily life, our dermatologist in Southampton, PA offers two highly effective methods to remove the cysts in just a few quick trips to our office. 

Incision & Drainage Relieves the Tension

Incision and drainage provide immediate relief from the swollen painfulness of problematic cyst formations. After applying a topical anesthetic to the sensitive section of skin, our dermatologists create a small incision and carefully drain the cyst. Since I&D does not remove the cyst “sac” beneath the skin, the cyst can reform. Despite the possibility of cyst reformation, the immediate relief and aesthetic benefits are great reasons to consider I&D if a cyst is interfering with your quality of life. 

Excision Prevents Cyst Recurrence

If you have tried I&D in the past, or you have a stubborn cyst that just won’t quit, a complete cyst removal with a precision excision is the next best step. Our dermatologists make a slightly larger incision before carefully removing the entirety of the cyst and its lining. Since this procedure is more invasive than simple drainage, the surgical site requires sutures and more traditional aftercare. Excision can only be performed on a cyst that is not actively inflamed, but once any cyst ruptures have healed, this method of removal is the best way to prevent a stubborn cyst from reforming.

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