What is Photodynamic Therapy?

Renowned for its safety, efficacy, and beneficial skin rejuvenation, photodynamic therapy (PDT) is a wonderful solution for common skin conditions like actinic keratosis, and other forms of skin carcinoma caused by excessive sun exposure. During this two-stage treatment, our dermatologists use a combination of a photosensitizing medicine that is activated by a high-intensity blue or red light and the oxygen within the tissue to prevent unwanted scaly patches and abnormal cell growth. 

Since our dermatologists can fine-tune the light wavelengths and only target the problematic cells, this safe treatment protects the normal and healthy surrounding tissue. Simultaneously, every proven treatment provides a noticeable reduction in skin issues like cancerous cell growth, and the visible indications of sun damage. After experiencing the “photorejuvenation” effect for yourself, you’ll immediately notice benefits like improved skin texture, potentially reduced dark spots, and alleviated skin irritation. 

Who Can Benefit From Photodynamic Therapy?

Since PDT is minimally-invasive and easily applied to the surface of the skin, it’s a great option for people suffering from conditions like actinic keratosis, found on sensitive areas of the skin like the face or neck. With our flexible scheduling and quick appointments, PDT is more accessible, less costly, and produces proven results with only minor side effects and a short 48-hour recovery period. Anyone hoping to avoid the complexities and side-effects involved with surgery or other long-term treatment options often finds that photodynamic therapy makes the most sense for their situation.  

Treat the Source & Reduce the Symptoms

For actinic keratosis sufferers, PDT is highly effective because it not only eliminates the build-up deep within the tissue but also reduces the redness and flaking. By reducing the factors that cause noticeable lesions and persistent actinic keratosis, PDT is one of the best long-term treatment solutions to consider if other remedies like topical fash washes or other medications aren’t helping. 

Prevent Sun Damage From Progressing Into a Serious Problem

Since actinic keratosis can eventually progress into skin cancer, PDT is a proven solution to halt problematic cells from undermining the long-term health of your skin. In harmony with our professional diagnostics and long-term care plans, every skin cancer treatment in Southampton, PA is personalized to address your specific case, and we proactively work with you to maintain and preserve the wellness of your skin long after we treat the problem.

Learn More About Photodynamic therapy From Our Caring Team

Whether you’re concerned about a new skin condition, or you’re in search of a better solution to manage your actinic keratosis, our helpful dermatologists are glad to describe our proven and effective processes in greater detail. We specialize in personalized skincare and will use every remedy at our disposal until we find a lasting solution for your improved skin health, appearance, and tone.

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